Welcome to our humble friendly community

Server Rules

  1. No Hacking --> The use of external programs of any kind to gain an advantage over other players is strictly prohibited.
  2. No Griefing --> See "Griefer" on Wikipedia
  3. No Spam --> Don't repeat commands or messages repeatedly.
  4. No external adverts --> External advertising without consent of owner, platform admin or server admin is prohibited
  5. Respect all players --> Here have no place to discrimination of any type.
  6. Obey admins. They are the law. --> They can even act against these rules to ensure server integrity and fun
  7. No Teamkilling --> Even if player is infected.
  8. Respect Server Integrity --> Any attack or illegal action against server will be a permaban and maybe, a judicial investigation.
  9. Don't talk about politics
  10. No excessive camping --> Only applied when game mode is players vs players
  11. No Spawnkilling --> Only applied to servers where game mode is players vs players
  12. Do not abuse report system --> Use commands avaliable to report only things that can be confirmed in server logs (like Teamkilling, insults, etc.). Other things must be reported throught our Discord server using tickets. All acusations must have any type of proof.
  13. Have fun!

Discord Rules

  1. Be respectful to all users --> Take any interpersonal issues to DM’s — they have no place here.
  2. Contribute to productive discussion
  3. Don’t spam --> Generally just don’t do anything repeatedly until it gets annoying.
  4. Give and take good criticism --> Keep criticism fair and constructive; be ready to take feedback when you post your work.
  5. Official and regulatory communications are in English --> Even being a European community, we will use this language. We know not everyone speaks English natively, but please make your best effort. You can help us, translating all messages in servers and this page in your language.
  6. Absolutely no pornographic/gore/NSFW/NSFL material --> If you’re not sure, don’t post it.
  7. Don't moderate yourself --> If someone’s being problematic, let the moderators take care of it.
  8. Ask good questions --> Do your own research before you ask, and be clear, specific, and detailed in your question.
  9. Give good answers --> Be patient with askers, and be as clear and thoughtful in your answer as possible.