GeoIP Info

It is a very simple interface, where you can check the information related to IPv4 / IPv6 addresses: Provider, Country, Continent, City, ...

Open GeoIP



It is a web interface based on "youtube-dl" Linux app and allows you to directly obtain the URLs of videos on more than 1000 platforms. It is a project to be used exclusively in compliance with current regulations, especially that of the European Union.

Open AllTube

Video edition

Avalon Community Servers is a Slovakian community with European nature, which promotes friendly and respectful interaction between people over the world, offering dozens of servers for the most popular games and accessible to people who do not have a very powerful computer. Unlike the rest of the communities, multicultural coexistence, respect for democratic and moral values are especially valued, as well as special attention to the defense of minorities of any kind and the fight against cheats, achieving a friendly, fun, open and cultural place. As one of the server administrators, i did a website with more than 10 rules that synthesize aforementioned values.

Open Rulebook


Howling Wolf FM

Howling Wolf FM is a website that makes an exclusive selection of national and international stations in a minimalist and very intuitive interface, designed to prevent digital illiteracy.

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Herramientas y Servicios interesantes

Estas herramientas sirven para todo tipo de situaciones de la vida cotidiana y pueden ayudar bastante


  • Google Font to Svg Path - Convert any font from Google Fonts or fonts you have downloaded, and using the text that you indicate, it will convert it to SVG format
  • Gridzzly - Create paper to make staves, grids, straight lines, .... as if they were notebook sheets
  • Whimsical - Very simple and online tool to create mental or conceptual maps
  • Resoomer - Automatically summarizes scientific, academic,... any well-structured text
  • Degraver - Obtains the transliteration of a Youtube video
  • Block Posters - To create handmade posters with the image you want
  • SparkNotes - Get chapter summaries of any book
  • Ptable - Interactive periodic table
  • Mathway - Solve any math problem
  • Brainly - Solve any student type question
  • Profile Pic Maker - Any profile picture gives you a more professional look
  • Smodin - It has many functions, one very appreciated: create essays from the title you give it
  • Cuevana 3 - To watch movies and series in different ways
  • Photocall TV - Despite the name, it is a website that offers you a very simple interface to watch all the Spanish television channels that are broadcast on DTT
  • Vocal Remover - Allows you to isolate and remove the voice from any audio file. Perfect for doing karaoke.
  • BugMeNot - Generates usable logins for any web page. Very useful when you need something and it asks you to register.
  • SVG Generators - Different types of SVG files generators
  • My Emulator Online - Play games of different platforms totally free without download any program